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Recreate A Better World

The source for our current Climate Crisis starts within the concrete jungles,  many cities we have created around the globe, are the major cause of an enormous amount of pollution, waste, poverty, and suffering.

The solution lies in us identifying and collaborating to create smarter, safer, and more eco-friendly cities for all living beings.



Have a glimpse of what is in store from 2020 – 2024

  • Q1 2020XYZ Family Initiative

    The world as you know is evolving! We have been shaping the world around us since the dawn of civilization. We have taken the initiative to be more responsible and collaborative human beings, passing down years of our experience to build a better world for our NEXT Generation, thereby bringing the XYZ Family to Life!

  • Q2-Q3 2020Mystic7 + GiveMO XYZ

    Covid-19 arrived, we focused on connecting with brands and  helping less fortunate individuals and animals within the cities, creating a sustainable model to help many more in the future.


  • Q4 2020PlayMO XYZ

    Started our own E-sport Department in MyCity,  Create channel to support the E-sport community especially in developing nations to get more exposure. 



  • Q1 2021Launch MyCity.lk Redesign

    Redesign and launch of MyCity.lk beta version.

  • Q2 2021Esport Crypto Tournament

    PlayMO XYZ arranged our first crypto tournament in Sri Lanka. Introducing and educating the NEXT Generation about Crypto and its usability.

  • Q3-Q4 2021Token Deployment

    Contract Deployment - MyCity Token

    Listings on CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap
    Marketing campaign
    Smart contract security audit

  • Q4 2021Crypto Contest Qualifiers

    Crypto Online Contest 

    Category: 2D / 3D Animation,  Cinematography,  Coding (Game, App, Web), Digital Artwork & Illustrations, Fashion, Graphic Design, Music Composing,  Photography, Sound Engineering. 

    Select top 10 of each category, mint and sell NFTs.

  • Q1 2022Phase 1

    Expanding MyCity + PlayMO Team in Singapore

    Launch MyCity.sg Directory + develop app

    Team will start listing business around Singapore while introducing crypto and educate new business how to use them.

  • Q2 2022Phase 2

    Crypto Contest Event

    Selected finalist attend an 1 month long crypto event :  eSport Tournament, Fashion & design Collaboration and a Hackathon.

    Coming soon

  • Q1-Q4 2023Phase 3

    Expanding Team in UAE

    Launch MyCity.ae directory + app

    Team will start listing business around UAE while introducing crypto and educate new business how to use them.

  • Q1-Q4 2024Phase 4

    Start MyCity Smart Eco City Project - Neo Sri Lanka

    NFT Creation (MyCity Exclusive Property reservation via NFT)