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“Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.” – Albert Einstein

Forget concrete jungles, we’re crafting smart cities owned by the people, for the people. MyCity isn’t about waiting for change, it’s about building it. We’re fast-forwarding the shift from centralized control to empowered decentralized communities, with blockchain and NFTs (BTC Ordinals) as our revolutionary tools.

Let us BuildMO CareMO CreateMO FlyMO GrowMO GiveMO InsureMO InvestMO LearnMO ShopMO StayMO TasteMO TravelMO

Co-Create, Innovate & Revolutionize

This isn’t just a city, it’s a movement. Join us as we rewrite the urban narrative. Together, we’ll build a MyCity where every brick whispers: “This is ours. This is sustainable. This is the future.”


Decentralized Investing Community

InvestMO brings together peers who seek to navigate the world of investment intelligently. Through collaborative learning, resource sharing, and expert insights, this community equips its members with the knowledge and tools necessary to make informed investment with our financial goals.


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Join us in building a better future with decentralized cities and cutting-edge technology.


Join our healthcare community and offer easy access to quality care, reliable information, and personalized health management
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Join our charity community and make a difference by supporting causes you care about, with transparency and impact.
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Join our agriculture community and offer sustainable farming techniques, access to new markets and collaborations for a better future.
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Join our shopping community and share your unique and sustainable products, receive support for your local businesses.
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Join our insurance community and provide tailored solutions, expert advice and a personalized customer experience.
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Imagine cities where essential industries aren’t owned by faceless corporations, but by the very people who rely on them. MyCity’s roadmap makes this dream a reality by fostering decentralized communities and resident-owned enterprises, empowering citizens to shape their environment, control their resources, and build a more equitable future.

Residents are the architects: 

Streets transform based on your needs, not distant decrees. Decisions are made in your neighborhood, not boardrooms.

Transparency reigns:

 Every transaction, every vote, etched on an immutable blockchain for all to see. No more backroom deals.

Inclusivity thrives:

No one left behind. MyCity champions equal access and opportunity, built on a foundation of community power.

Sustainability blooms:

Green spaces sprout, energy flows smart, and every choice reflects respect for our planet.

MyCity’s first phase is all about building a solid base for the future. We’ll focus on three key areas:

1. Building a Passionate Community:

  • Attracting the Visionaries: We’ll find and connect with local minds who share our belief in the power of decentralized communities and collaborative ownership. These early adopters will be the cornerstone of our movement.
  • Planting the Seeds of Knowledge: We’ll shed light on the potential of tokenized cities through workshops, webinars, and interactive sessions. By educating the community, we empower them to become active participants in MyCity’s journey.

2. Laying the Technological Bedrock:

  • Building the Future, Now: We’ll kickstart the development of the essential technical infrastructure needed to support the future of MyCity. This includes laying the groundwork for tokenized ownership and decentralized governance systems.

This first phase is about more than just setting the stage; it’s about creating a vibrant community driven by a shared vision and equipped with the knowledge and tools to make it a reality. Together, we’ll build a foundation that allows MyCity to flourish in the years to come.

With the foundation laid in Phase 1, Phase 2 is all about unleashing the power of our community. Here’s what you can expect:

1. Connecting the Threads:

Weaving a Strong Fabric: We’ll host vibrant meetups, buzzing online forums, and memorable social events, fostering connections and igniting collaboration. MyCity thrives on the energy of its people, and we’ll cultivate an environment where everyone feels included and empowered.

2. Co-creating the Future:

Where Ideas Blossom: The community takes center stage! We’ll invite you to brainstorm and propose industries or ventures that could benefit from the transformative power of tokenized ownership through BTC Ordinals. Imagine co-owning local initiatives, community-powered businesses, or even reinventing public services – the possibilities are boundless!

3. Building a House for All:

A Seat at the Table: With an open and inclusive governance framework, every voice matters. We’ll co-create a system where your ideas shape the future of MyCity. Transparency and participation will be our guiding principles, ensuring everyone feels empowered to contribute and build a community we can all be proud of.

This phase is about more than just activities; it’s about harnessing the collective wisdom and passion of our community. Together, we’ll chart the course for MyCity’s future, one inspired idea and collaborative decision at a time.

Phase 3 marks the exciting crossroads where MyCity’s dream becomes reality. We’ll take the first concrete steps towards creating a pilot enterprise, owned and powered by the community.

1. Charting the Course:

Choosing our Path: Together, we’ll embark on a collaborative journey to choose the first industry ready for the transformative power of tokenization. Imagine shaping the future of a local business, revitalizing public services, or even launching a groundbreaking community-owned venture – the possibilities are limitless!

2. Building Strong Foundations:

A Blueprint for Success: With the chosen industry in sight, we’ll craft a comprehensive business plan. This detailed roadmap will outline operational strategies, sustainable revenue models, and long-term growth plans, ensuring our pilot enterprise takes flight with confidence.

3. Forging the Key:

Unlocking Ownership: In collaboration with trusted experts, we’ll embark on the process of tokenization. This translates community ownership into secure digital shares, ensuring fairness, transparency, and regulatory compliance. Owning a piece of the future has never been easier!

Phase 3 is more than just launching a venture; it’s about empowering the community to become builders, owners, and active participants in MyCity’s journey. Together, we’ll unlock the boundless potential of tokenized ownership and turn our collective vision into a thriving reality.

Welcome to Phase 4, where MyCity’s vision slams into reality! We’ve laid the groundwork, empowered the community, and now it’s time to unleash the first spark – the launch of our inaugural community-owned enterprise.

1. Raising the MyCity Flag:

  • The Big Launch: Witness history as we launch the first chapter of a new ownership paradigm. This pilot enterprise will be a beacon, guiding the way for a future powered by collaboration and shared success.

2. Owning the Journey:

  • Engagement Amplified: Community isn’t just a word, it’s the fuel that drives MyCity. We’ll create pathways for seamless engagement, ensuring every member feels their voice and actions have a direct impact on the enterprise’s thriving heart.

3. Learning and Evolving:

  • From Pilot to Blueprint: Every step is a stepping stone. We’ll meticulously document the lessons learned from this pioneering venture, paving the way for the strategic expansion of the community-ownership model across countless industries.

Phase 4 is more than just about one enterprise; it’s about igniting a movement. We’re building a future where collaboration isn’t just a buzzword, but the lifeblood of thriving communities. Join us as we write the next chapter of MyCity, together!

Get ready to witness MyCity truly blossom in Phase 5! We’ll expand beyond one pilot venture and build a thriving ecosystem of community-owned wonders. Buckle up, here’s what’s in store:

1. Planting New Seeds:

  • Diversifying the Orchard: We’ll extend the magic of tokenized ownership to other vital industries within the city, from local cafes to renewable energy initiatives. Imagine a future where communities co-own the very systems that sustain them!

2. Branching Out:

  • Sharing the Harvest: MyCity’s impact won’t be confined to its borders. We’ll reach out to neighboring communities, sharing knowledge, best practices, and maybe even inspiring similar initiatives to sprout elsewhere. The seeds of collaborative ownership will spread far and wide!

3. Nurturing the Soil:

  • Planting the Future: We’ll amplify our advocacy efforts, shining a light on the transformative power of community ownership and decentralized communities. Through education and collaboration, we’ll cultivate fertile ground for this new model to flourish on a global scale.

Phase 5 is about more than just growth; it’s about creating a movement, a ripple effect of empowered communities building brighter futures together. We’ll become a living testament to the power of collaboration, inspiring others to join the journey and rewrite the landscape of ownership, one city, one industry, one seed at a time.


MyCity’s journey doesn’t end with Phase 5; it simply transcends borders and time. In Phase 6, we solidify our commitment to enduring impact, leaving a legacy not just for MyCity, but for the world.

1. Tending the Roots of Governance:

  • Evolving Together: Our governance framework isn’t static; it’s a living document shaped by your voices. Through continuous feedback and adaptation, we’ll ensure it remains a vibrant tool for community empowerment.

2. Measuring the MyCity Magic:

  • Fruits of our Labor: Every decision, every action ripples outward. We’ll measure the tangible social, economic, and environmental gains born from our community-owned enterprises, showcasing the real-world impact of collaboration.

3. Planting Seeds Across the Globe:

  • A Movement Blossoms: MyCity transcends its borders. We’ll seek partnerships with like-minded initiatives across the planet, sharing our knowledge and fueling a global movement towards collaborative ownership and decentralized prosperity.

Phase 6 isn’t about an endpoint; it’s about an endless horizon. We’ll nurture the roots of good governance, measure the blossoming impact of our actions, and sow the seeds of change across the world. Together, we’ll prove that a future built on collaboration, ownership, and shared success is not just a dream, but a reality within reach.

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MyCity Origin

Concept Origins Born in 2007, MyCity was fueled by a desire to create a dynamic, forward-thinking environment inspired by Dubai Internet City. My background in IT

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