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“Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.” – Albert Einstein

 At MyCity, we are dedicated to redefining urban lifestyles and expediting the evolution from centralized to decentralized economies. Our ultimate goal is the establishment of a smart city that is owned and shaped by its residents. Leveraging the power of blockchain technology and NFTs (BTC Ordinals), we are actively constructing a decentralized infrastructure that not only empowers peers and communities but also champions values such as transparency, inclusivity, and sustainability.

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Co-Create, Innovate & Revolutionize

 MyCity’s journey encompasses stages of community formation, industry tokenization (BTC Ordinals), and collaborative empowerment, all of which coalesce to reshape the relationship between urban inhabitants and the vital industries that sustain their cities.


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The roadmap outlines the strategic journey of MyCity as it pioneers the establishment of decentralized communities and fosters the development of community-owned enterprises within urban landscapes. This visionary approach envisions a shift from conventional consumer-driven societies to collaborative ownership models that empower residents to co-own and shape the essential industries that underpin their cities.

In the initial phase, MyCity will focus on forming the bedrock of its mission. This involves identifying and engaging individuals who resonate with the concept of decentralized communities. Educational initiatives will raise awareness about the potential of tokenized cities and the benefits they can bring. Concurrently, the groundwork for the technical infrastructure required to support decentralized governance and tokenized ownership will be initiated.

  • Community Formation: Identify and engage with local enthusiasts interested in the vision of decentralized communities and collaborative ownership.
  • Educational Outreach: Conduct workshops, webinars, and informational sessions to educate community members about the concept of tokenized cities and their potential benefits.
  • Research and Development: Begin laying the groundwork for the technical infrastructure required to facilitate tokenized ownership and decentralized governance.

As MyCity progresses into Phase 2, emphasis will be placed on strengthening the community bonds. Activities such as meetups, virtual discussions, and social events will facilitate connections among community members. The community will actively participate in brainstorming ideas for industries or ventures that could benefit from tokenized ownership (BTC Ordinals). A transparent and inclusive governance framework will be crafted, ensuring the voices of all stakeholders are heard.

  • Community Building: Foster stronger connections among community members by organizing meetups, online forums, and social events.
  • Ideation and Proposal: Encourage the community to propose potential industries or ventures that could be tokenized and collectively owned.
  • Governance Framework: Develop a transparent and inclusive governance framework that allows community members to participate in decision-making processes.

In Phase 3, MyCity will take the first steps towards realizing its vision by selecting an industry for tokenization (BTC Ordinals) and community ownership. Rigorous business planning will ensure the viability and sustainability of the chosen enterprise. The process of tokenization will be conducted with the involvement of experts to ensure fairness and compliance.

  • Industry Selection: Collaboratively select the first industry to be tokenized and transformed into a community-owned enterprise.
  • Business Planning: Develop a comprehensive business plan for the chosen industry, outlining strategies for operations, revenue generation, and sustainability.
  • Tokenization Process: Work with experts to tokenize ownership shares of the enterprise, ensuring fairness and regulatory compliance.

As MyCity enters Phase 4, the focus will shift towards launching the inaugural community-owned enterprise. This enterprise will serve as a beacon of the collaborative ownership model in action. Community engagement will be pivotal in ensuring the success of the enterprise, and strategies for seamless integration with the decentralized governance framework will be executed. The lessons learned from this pilot will inform the scaling strategies for future endeavors.

  • Enterprise Establishment: Launch the first community-owned enterprise, ensuring seamless operations and integration with the decentralized governance framework.
  • Community Engagement: Promote active participation among community members in the newly established enterprise, fostering a sense of ownership and responsibility.
  • Scaling Strategies: Document lessons learned from the pilot and strategize for scaling the model to additional industries or sectors.

Phase 5 will witness the diversification of the MyCity ecosystem. Tokenization of additional vital industries will expand the scope of community ownership. Collaborative efforts will extend beyond the city limits as MyCity partners with neighboring communities to share knowledge and best practices, potentially catalyzing similar initiatives elsewhere. Advocacy for the benefits of collaborative ownership will gain momentum on a larger scale.

  • Diversification: Tokenize ownership of additional vital industries within the city, creating a diverse ecosystem of community-owned enterprises.
  • Network Expansion: Collaborate with neighboring cities and communities to share insights, best practices, and potentially expand the concept to other regions.
  • Education and Advocacy: Engage in broader advocacy efforts to promote the benefits of collaborative ownership and decentralized communities on a larger scale.

The final phase will solidify MyCity’s commitment to sustainable impact. The governance framework will be refined iteratively based on community input. Concrete measurements of social, economic, and environmental gains resulting from the community-owned enterprises will be communicated. MyCity’s global footprint will expand through partnerships with like-minded initiatives, fostering a worldwide movement toward collaborative ownership and decentralized prosperity.

  • Strengthening Governance: Continuously refine and enhance the governance framework based on community feedback and evolving needs.
  • Social and Economic Impact: Measure and communicate the positive social, economic, and environmental impacts generated by the decentralized enterprises within the city.
  • Global Collaboration: Explore partnerships with other initiatives worldwide that share the vision of collaborative ownership and decentralized economies.

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