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Mystic 7: Where Passion Meets Potential

Forget the hustle, embrace the rise. Mystic 7 isn’t just a community, it’s a launchpad for content creators in MyCity. We’re all about unlocking your financial and inner power, building you up holistically, and igniting that creative spark.

Think decentralized smarts meets soul support. Here, we leverage technology to create communities that nurture and inspire. Picture a network of fellow travelers, all on their unique journeys, cheering each other on.

Forget chasing trends, chase your dreams. Join Mystic 7 and discover:

Financial Freedom: 

Monetize your passion with cutting-edge tools and support.

Holistic Growth:

Unwind, recharge, and unlock your full potential.

Spiritual Nourishment:

Find your balance and connect with the world around you

Decentralized Support:

Built for creators, with a community at your back.

You can't connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backward. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something, your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever.


We all known content is KING!

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The roadmap delineates the strategic trajectory of Mystic7 in its mission to cultivate dynamic communities within the industries of media and creativity, while fostering the advancement of a decentralized economy. The core approach revolves around seamlessly connecting individuals and groups who share common passions, both digitally and physically. The overarching goal is to shift the collective focus away from conventional consumerism, guiding it towards a more conscious and sustainable engagement with decentralized media and creative endeavors, ultimately leading to a tokenized economy owned and driven by peers.

The initial phase focuses on identifying and bringing together vibrant communities within the media and creative industries. Online platforms will be established to create a digital haven for discussions, collaborations, and knowledge sharing. Concurrently, offline engagement through workshops and meetups will forge strong relationships among like-minded peers.

  • Identify Target Communities: Pinpoint specific communities within the media and creative industries that align with the decentralized ethos.
  • Digital Connection: Establish online platforms and spaces for like-minded peers and groups to connect, share ideas, and collaborate virtually.
  • Offline Engagement: Organize local meetups, workshops, and events to foster in-person interactions and strengthen community bonds.

During this phase, Mystic7 will launch campaigns to raise awareness about the transformative potential of decentralized media and creativity. Comprehensive educational resources will be developed to help individuals understand the core principles and advantages of decentralization in these industries.

  • Decentralization Campaigns: Launch awareness campaigns that highlight the benefits and significance of decentralized media and creativity.
  • Educational Initiatives: Develop resources, webinars, and informational content to educate individuals about the principles of decentralization and its impact on the industries.

Mystic7 will strategically align with influential figures, organizations, and thought leaders who resonate with the concept of decentralization. Collaborative initiatives and projects will be jointly executed, amplifying the message of peer-driven media and creative economies.

  • Strategic Collaborations: Forge partnerships with influential figures, thought leaders, and organizations in media and creativity who support the vision of decentralization.
  • Joint Initiatives: Plan and execute joint projects, events, and content that amplify the message of decentralized media and creative economies.

In this phase, Mystic7 will extend support to MyCity’s affiliates by offering innovative media and creative solutions. Collaborative brainstorming sessions will lead to the creation of new approaches that align with the decentralized paradigm.

  • Resource Provision: Offer media and creative solutions to affiliates in MyCity’s decentralized ecosystem, aiding them in achieving their goals.
  • Collaborative Innovation: Engage in joint brainstorming and innovation sessions to create novel media approaches that align with the decentralized paradigm.

Mystic7 will intensify the integration between its community and MyCity’s decentralized enterprises, ensuring mutual growth and shared benefits. The impact of these collective efforts on steering the focus towards mindful and decentralized approaches will be measured and communicated.

  • Ecosystem Integration: Deepen the connection between Mystic7’s community and MyCity’s decentralized enterprises, fostering symbiotic growth.
  • Impact Measurement: Gauge the impact of the community-building efforts and creative collaborations on shifting the focus towards decentralized and mindful approaches.

The final phase involves the development of a robust framework for tokenizing ownership in media and creative initiatives. Ownership tokens will be distributed among community members, cementing their shared participation in the burgeoning decentralized media and creative economy.

  • Tokenization Strategy: Develop a framework for tokenizing ownership shares of media and creative endeavors, aligning with the concept of peer ownership.
  • Ownership Distribution: Allocate ownership tokens among community members, enabling shared ownership and participation in the decentralized media and creative economy.

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