How we utilize Proof-of-Work Model for Candidate Selection

Selection Process for Alignment with Vision

Our decentralized organization utilizes the Proof-of-Work model to identify individuals who align with our vision and are suitable to work with us. The selection process begins with initial interviews where we gather information about candidates’ backgrounds, skills, and interests. We emphasize our core values and expectations during these interviews to ensure transparency and mutual understanding.

Core Values We Seek

One of the key values we seek in potential team members is a strong passion for seeking knowledge and wisdom. Additionally, loyalty to our vision and peers, humbleness, and being grounded, as well as recognizing and respecting one’s highest version, are crucial qualities we look for.

Year 1: Providing Tools for Personal Growth

In the first year, we provide candidates with materials and knowledge on self-improvement, subconscious reprogramming, affirmations, and audiobooks covering topics such as finance and spiritual growth. These resources serve as tools to support their growth as members of our decentralized organization.

Year 2: Assessment Phase and Alignment Evaluation

During the second year, we observe candidates’ behavior during an assessment phase where they actively participate in short-term projects alongside our team. This allows us to assess their work ethic, communication skills, collaboration abilities, and their alignment with our vision.

Year 3: Vigilance for Red Flags

Throughout the third year, we remain vigilant for any red flags that may indicate undesirable behaviors, such as concept or client stealing, self-sabotaging tendencies, gossiping, misleading behavior, promoting a quick-rich scheme mindset, or exploiting organizational resources.

Year 4: Selection and Fit Evaluation

In the fourth year, we select individuals who demonstrate a strong alignment with our values, a commitment to personal growth, and the ability to overcome challenges they encounter on their path.

Debriefing and Invitation to Join Core Team

Following the assessment phase, we hold debriefing sessions with the candidates to discuss their experience and evaluate their fit for our team. As a token of appreciation, we provide rewards based on candidates’ dedication at the end of each halving term. Shortlisted candidates who have demonstrated their alignment and commitment are then invited to join our core team.

In summary, our decentralized organization employs a comprehensive process that incorporates interviews, assessment phases, behavioral observations, and value alignment to identify individuals who are aligned with our vision and can contribute effectively to our team.