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Speak up, stand out, and vlog for a decentralized world.

Within VlogMO, we believe in the power of creativity to inspire change. Our vloggers are not only talented content creators but also visionary storytellers who use their platforms to highlight innovative ideas, showcase unique talents, and share thought-provoking perspectives. Through their engaging videos, they captivate audiences and foster a sense of connection and empathy.

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If I wrote autobiography, a book about my life, a title that would work be "DO WHAT YOU CAN'T" because that idea encapsulate everything, I've ever done!

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The roadmap for VlogMO outlines a strategic plan to create a dynamic and impactful community of philanthropic vloggers. In the first year, our focus will be on developing  and fostering a sense of community through targeted marketing and virtual events. In the subsequent years, we will curate and promote high-quality content, measure and report social impact, and advocate for the adoption of decentralized economies. Our long-term vision includes scaling globally, engaging diverse vloggers, and fostering collaboration to make a lasting positive impact on society. Through this roadmap, VlogMO aims to empower vloggers, connect communities, and drive change on a global scale.

  • Launch a targeted marketing and outreach campaign to attract vloggers who align with VlogMO’s values and mission.
  • Organize virtual events, webinars, and workshops to foster a sense of community, facilitate knowledge sharing, and provide resources for vlogger growth.
  • Encourage active participation through contests, challenges, and collaborations to enhance engagement within the community.
  • Establish partnerships with like-minded organizations, influencers, and brands to expand the reach and impact of VlogMO.
  • Implement a comprehensive content curation system to ensure high-quality, impactful content is highlighted on the platform.
  • Create thematic playlists and featured sections to promote vlogs that focus on creativity, sustainability, emerging communities, and social causes.
  • Develop a marketing strategy to increase visibility and reach of vloggers’ content through social media, collaborations, and cross-promotion.
  • Explore partnerships with media outlets and distribution platforms to amplify the exposure of VlogMO vloggers’ content.

NFT Implementation:

  • Integrate Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) into the revenue distribution system.
  • Create unique NFTs representing shares of revenue for community members.
  • Enable trading and holding of NFTs within the VlogMO ecosystem.

Bitcoin Ordinals Integration:

  • Implement Bitcoin Ordinals to secure revenue distribution during each Bitcoin-halving ( π Cycles).
  • Educate and assist community members in understanding and utilizing Bitcoin Ordinals.
  • Establish a standardized framework for measuring and assessing the social impact generated by vloggers’ campaigns and initiatives.
  • Collaborate with experts in impact measurement to develop tools and metrics specific to the vlogging industry.
  • Implement a reporting system that transparently showcases the collective social impact of the VlogMO community.
  • Leverage impact data to attract potential sponsors, investors, and funding opportunities for vloggers’ projects.
  • Launch advocacy campaigns to raise awareness about the benefits of decentralized economies and promote their adoption.
  • Collaborate with blockchain and cryptocurrency communities to explore partnerships and integration possibilities.
  • Educate vloggers and the wider community about blockchain technology, its potential applications, and its role in fostering a decentralized economy.
  • Encourage vloggers to embrace decentralized systems, such as blockchain-based content monetization and community governance.
  • Evaluate the success and impact of VlogMO’s initiatives and iterate on the platform based on user feedback and market trends.
  • Expand VlogMO’s reach and impact by engaging with vloggers and communities in different regions and cultures around the world.
  • Localize the platform to accommodate multiple languages and adapt to regional needs and preferences.
  • Foster collaboration and knowledge exchange between vloggers from diverse backgrounds to create a truly global philanthropic vlogging community.
  • Build a robust web 3.0 and user-friendly platform that serves as a hub for VlogMO community members.
  • Implement features for vloggers to create, upload, and share their content, as well as engage with their audience.
  • Develop a system for vloggers to collaborate, network, and support each other’s initiatives.
  • Establish a secure and transparent system for tracking and verifying social impact generated by vloggers’ campaigns.

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