Origin of Skylordz.biz a.k.a Mystic7 – Ideas into Reality

Concept Origins

Building Decentralised Dreams in a World Fueled by Competition: Mystic 7’s Visionary Voyage

My story starts in 1998-1999, fueled by teenage ambition and the budding potential of Unreal Engine. Together with friends, we embarked on crafting a game, each character imbued with our hopes and personalities. Mine, “SkyLordZx,” bore the mark of my Megaman X obsession of the character Zero.

SkyLordZx = SkyLord∅x

Fate, in the form of my parents’ decision to return to Sri Lanka in 2000, ripped away at this nascent dream. Leaving the developed world of Germany for a poverty driven war-torn homeland felt like a 50-year plunge into the past.

Embracing Decentralization, Before the Word:

Despite the harsh realities, my entrepreneurial spirit remained undimmed. In 2008-2009, with “SkylordZ.biz,” I sought to revolutionize the internet experience. My vision was grand – a decentralized collective, changing how people connected and interacted online. I dreamt of leading this digital vanguard, but my over-ambition clashed with the team’s pace. Lack of shared drive and ownership disputes created friction, leading to our disbandment within three months.

This setback, however, offered a profound insight. I, unknowingly, had stumbled upon the nascent principles of decentralized collaboration, even before we were aware it had a name. 

Fun fact: Skylordz was one of the first decentralized organizations, although back then we didn’t know how to name the niche that aligned with our vision. We recently renamed it to Mystic 7.

From Skylordz to Mystic 7: Embracing Collaboration in a Competitive World

The concept of remote work was still in its infancy when we embarked on our journey with Skylordz. Navigating technical unknowns, particularly in finding skilled coders, designers, and developers, posed a significant challenge. Limited resources and a tech-lag in Sri Lanka amplified these difficulties. Facing a lack of understanding and even discouragement from those around me, I had to rely heavily on self-learning to build a support system.

Furthermore, the notion of a non-competitive business model felt ahead of its time. Securing resources, motivation, and funding proved challenging, with access to even basic payment gateways posing a major hurdle.

With time and introspection, Skylordz has evolved into Mystic 7. This transformation reflects a deepened understanding of not just creating decentralized groups, but also fostering effective collaboration within them. Our focus has shifted towards building a team united by a shared vision: transforming the competitive business landscape into a collaborative ecosystem. This endeavor goes beyond mere structural changes; it delves into the heart of human connection, exploring how individuals can work together to create meaningful impact.

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