The Story Of Pathum (Sleone)

During a person’s lifetime we all know our childhood and youth is the most important phase that defines us for who we are.


We got the opportunity to meet Pathum, who is in his twenties and resides in Sri Lanka’s Hambanthota District near the Kudawella district. Pathum is also known in the gaming community as Sleone Gaming and enjoys both competitive and recreational gaming. It used to be that he played for F4DED RIZING and was a member of Maximum Esports.

Pathum studied up to the ordinary level and intended to continue his studies in hotel management but was unable to do so due to financial difficulties. At the age of 18, he chose to work and earn money for himself in order to fund the cost of his future studies. He has worked at a variety of locations and had worked as an employee on the southern highway.

As with you and me, Pathum had goals and objectives. Unfortunately, while working on the southern highway, he was involved in an unfortunate incident that resulted in the crushing of both his legs. This shift threw all of his ambitions, education, and dreams into disarray. He underwent multiple surgeries to rehabilitate his limb; unfortunately, when we met him. The single thought that crossed our thoughts was how potent Pathum truly is! Going through such an event, losing your legs, becoming unable to walk, and experiencing depression. This child demonstrated how tough someone can be when losing the ability to walk and adapting to his difficult situations. He clung to the notion that one day he would fulfill his dream. Pathum now lives in a little house with his mother and two sisters at the age of twenty. He jumped into the world of esports and youtube, and having his own youtube channel “Sleone Gaming” with over 20k subscribers demonstrates how forward-thinking he has become after his accident, as well as how enthusiastic he is about gaming.

Pathum currently uses an i3 2nd generation computer and a small mobile phone to generate his YouTube content. He informs us that he edits his videos on his phone the majority of the time since his computer is too slow.

We inquired as to how we might assist Pathum not only monetarily, but also educationally. He stated during the interview that he aspired to work in the fields of electronics and video editing.

We hope to help him with following in the near future.

  • Get him a custom 3D Printed Bionic Leg.
  • Get him a gaming laptop for him to do content creation as a gamer.
  • Get him a scholarship in Multimedia Design from
  • Hire him to work with PlayMO and Mystic7